About Us

Focus on designing innovative smart products

We offer full turnkey design and development, including taking products through to production and the entire lifecycle.

We’ve assisted over hundred companies across the world, a mix of large corporations, startups, and some in between. So there’s a good chance we can help you, too.

We believe important problems deserve thoughtful solutions.

What makes us your better choice?

  • Variety of cooperation methods and flexible customer options, from Industrial design only to product turnkey solution.
  • High product innovation capacity.
  • with extensive and excellent product development experience, high level technical aptitude and years of experience.
  • cost-effective professional team resources to save you money.
  • continuity product support capability.
  • ……

Reviews of Our Satisfied Customers

The industrial design ability of LOOFII is very excellent, we are very satisfied with the product appearance and three proofing properties, look forward to more cooperation.
LOOFII’s collaboration mode is relatively flexible, with more detailed and in-depth project control, and very fast response. We are very satisfied with their products and services!

How do we protect our patented technology or product secrets from others?

We’re happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement with you before we even discuss your project. More importantly, we’re an ethical company, and we respect what is yours and what needs to be kept quiet …